Vision Mision

Vision Mision


Referring to the Vision of Trisakti University, FKG Usakti’s vision is: “To become a reliable and leading Faculty of Dentistry in Indonesia with international standards, by paying attention to local wisdom in developing science, technology, arts and culture in the field of dentistry, so as to improve the quality of life and sustainable health.”

The formulation of the vision contains four main things to be achieved, namely: reliable and reputable, international standards, as well as to improve the quality of life and health in a sustainable manner.

  1. eliable and reputable, meaning to be trustworthy, accompanied by the achievement of national and international recognition for the implementation of the Tridharma of Higher Education at FKG Usakti.
  2. International standards in the vision mean that the activities of the Tridharma of Higher Education at FKG Usakti are aimed at developing the nation’s competitiveness by establishing universities that meet international standard qualifications.
  3. Local wisdom in the vision contains meaning as the soul in the socio-cultural life of the local community which relies on the philosophy of values, norms and ethics, traditional institutionalized ways and behaviors. FKG Usakti is required to be aware that local ideas and ideas can be combined with science and technology produced by the faculty and then applied.
  4. The sustainable quality of life and health contained in the vision implies that the ultimate goal of implementing higher education at FKG Usakti is to return the results of the process of implementing the Tridharma of Higher Education to the community, such as increasing the quality of life for the Indonesian people and continuously striving for a better public health.

Our vision shows that FKG Usakti as an educational institution aspires to advance the nation through education, by prioritizing science and technology through relying on local understanding and wisdom framed in art and culture as part of producing Indonesian people as a whole. The problem of local wisdom has become a national issue of the importance of maintaining Indonesianness in the midst of global change. FKG Usakti’s vision describes a clear and concrete future achievement, not only in Indonesia, but also in the world.


Faculty of Dentistry of Trisakti University’s mission is an extension of it’s vision, detailed as follows:

  1. Organizing international standard education to produce human resources in the field of dentistry who have knowledge and competence, are ethical, virtuous, have social sensitivity, are able to work together, communicate and develop an entrepreneurship that is fair, wise, respects pluralism nation, able to compete in international forums and have Trikrama Trisakti character.
  2. Improving the research culture within the faculty to develop science, technology, arts and culture, ethics and produce innovative scientific publications in the field of dental and oral health based on the latest technological advances and local wisdom.
  3. Increase and expand the role of the Usakti FKG in meeting the needs of the community and industry in the field of dentistry by developing cooperation with relevant agencies through the implementation of community service activities.


Faculty of Dentistry of Trisakti University’s purpose is to develop graduates who:

  1. Are competent, qualified, professional, of international standards, ethical to serve the community in the field of dental health, and advantageous in the latest and effective science and technology.
  2. Are able to produce innovative scientific works and the latest technology in dentistry which is oriented towards solving community problems and published nationally and internationally
  3. Are able to carry out research-based Community Service to produce appropriate technology models and develop preventive dentistry technology based on local wisdom that is beneficial to the community.
  4. Possess soft skills through spiritual development, talents, interests, leadership and ethics so as to form a professional and humane attitude.
  5. Possess the ability to manage a democratic, transparent, accountable, efficient, effective organization and be able to carry out a self-evaluation process.
  6. Possess qualifications and competencies as educators who are committed to lifelong learning, are socially sensitive, respect the cultural or socio-cultural diversity of the community, views, religions, and beliefs and obey the law.
  7. Possess entrepreneurial spirit and able to maintain networks with professional associations, industry, government, and society.
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