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Faculty of Dentistry

  • 1325 STUDENT
  • 37 DOCTOR
  • 127 LECTURER

Fakultas Kedokteran Gigi Universitas Trisakti (FKG Usakti), adalah salah satu fakultas dari 9 fakultas yang ada di Universitas Trisakti.  FKG Usakti didirikan sejak 29 November 1965. Universitas Trisakti merupakan Universitas swasta yang didirikan oleh pemerintah melalui SK Menteri PTIP No. 014/dar/65. Diawali dengan mewisuda dan mengambil sumpah kepada  6 (enam)  orang dokter gigi pada  tahun 1968, FKG Usakti mulai melangkah maju memasuki periode pembangunan institusi dan pembangunan fisik. Pada tahun 1972 melalui SK. Mendikbud RI No. 091/u/1972  FKG Usakti mendapatkan STATUS DISAMAKAN yang berarti mempunyai status sama dengan Fakultas Kedokteran Gigi Negeri.  Pada tahun 1975 FKG Usakti berhasil membangun Gedung Klinik Pendidikan 3 lantai yang dilengkapi peralatan yang lebih modern sehingga kualitas pendidikannya dapat lebih ditingkatkan lagi.

Dean's Greeting

Prof. Dr. drg. Tri Erri Astoeti, M.Kes

Standing since 1965, Faculty of Dentistry of Trisakti University (FKG Usakti) is acclaimed for cultivating reliable dentists. Along with the advancement of science and technology, FKG Usakti continues to develop itself and tackle all challenges in the field of dentistry.
This is in accordance with the vision of FKG Usakti, which is to become a leading Faculty of Dentistry in Indonesia, uphold international standards in developing science, technology and art in the field of dentistry, and to improve the quality of life and human civilization in the Asia Pacific region.
Education at FKG Usakti emphasizes more of a persuasive approach to students by cultivating Research and Community Service, so as to produce graduates with high analytical skills, critical thinking and able to answer the challenges of the future world, while still having a free spirit but are focused and have high self-confidence as future leaders in their respective fields.
FKG Usakti also answers the community’s demands on the need for qualified dental health workers by implementing the Indonesian Dentist Competency Standards (SKDGI) into the comprehensive and high-quality FKG Usakti curriculum with measurable outputs. This can be done because FKG Usakti has qualified human resources and is recognized nationally and internationally, assisted by supporting components such as the Faculty Management Information System and educational infrastructure, both academically and professionally.
Through collaboration with FKG Usakti stakeholders, we continue to develop an education system that is measured and evaluated periodically. This is realized through various things, including: (1) Cooperation with alumni who have spread to various parts of Indonesia and abroad in various activities, (2) Partnership with related parties, both government and private, who are working partners of FKG Usakti in various activities such as Scientific and Non-Scientific meetings, (3) Cooperation with the community, who act as partners in education on dental and oral health in particular and health in general.
“Untuk Tuhan dan Demi Almamater, Kami Melayani Masyarakat, Bangsa, dan Negara”
“For God and For the Sake of Almamater, We Serve the Community, Nation, and Country”


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